Regulating Industries: When Doctors Quack

The purpose of regulating business is to ensure consumer fairness and confidence, to protect the environment for future generations (and business), and that doesn’t mean “economic idealist climate” but the actual physical world and people – workers, suppliers, consumers – the whole labour productive chain.

And, if they do not regulate; they serve no purpose. Physicians Heal Thyselves, indeed, eh?

A new policy adopted at the association’s annual meeting this week will create guidelines for media doctors and pathways of discipline for those…|By Julia Belluz
A self-styled “reverend” who claims autism can be “purged” by swallowing bleach is exposed by an undercover BBC investigation.
Floressence lyme-disease-quackery-snake-oil-salesman

other than the obvious self absorption?

Mindfulness is a cultural buzzword right now – with institutions from schools to prisons embracing the practice. But Coventry University’s Dr. Miguel Farias, co-author of The Buddha Pill, believes meditation has a “dark…

Autism: Brains over or under clocked?: Cannabis oil relaxes and lubricates

Just two days after beginning cannabis oil treatment, this autistic boy spoke his first words.
the reason we trust experts and professionals is because they are supposed to be educated, trained and doing appropriate things.
pharmacies selling both cigarettes and stop smoking products – and “alternative/traditional/complimetary” faddish stuff – really does not make them seem like a health care provider so much as a bottom end feeder that dispenses Big Pharma’s newest colour and shapes of the same old drugs with tiny tweaks chemically to give them new names.
contra indicted, doctors personal opinions at odds with professional ethics
which needs to include screening out people who are not fit to serve.
people who’s main thing is their religion, have no place serving the public, because
let’s face it
religious people cannot be trusted to work and play well with others
even when the rules of polite society are clearly explained to them.
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