Bumper Sticker Psychology 101: Ethnicity Disphoria is now a Thing

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Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, says the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a touch of Native American heritage   news.nationalpost.com
  •  mea culpa + white mans burden = Ethnity Disphoria aka Wiggas Gone Wild Syndrome
  • aka Wiggas Gone Wild Syndrome
    •  Lol is that necessarily a bad thing though? She’s not promoting hate in any way
  •  Good question Corey. I do not have an answer for that. LOL
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  • Family says NCAAP leader, who…dykewriter.wordpress.com
  • ^^^ a comparison between canada mainstream and an american niche media with contrast commentary. enjoy!
  •  Why do people applaud a man who says he’s a woman, but call this white woman who says she’s black, a farce?
  • While I doubt this is in fact same person I’d say if we have gender issues why not racial identity issues
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^^ major Canadian newspaper’s facebook discussion – meanwhile on facebook:

The hair was crucial here in large part because Rachel Dolezal was trying to pass as a black person with light skin. If she had kept her hair like this and just waved her Africana Studies curriculum around, people weren’t gonna buy that.

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Of the many pressing questions raised by the Rachel Dolezal circus that was wrapped in a trainwreck and dipped in a forest fire, one of the things that… jezebel.com|By Kara Brown

Watch: Parents of NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal reveal daughter as white.

Questions are being raised about the racial identity of Spokane’s NAACP president Rachel Dolezal after her white parents say she is falsely claiming she’s black   theglobeandmail.com
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Nina Notes: that was a storyline from Tales of the City. LOL


‘Black; NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Has Been Outed As White. Read more on this baffling story here.

Grio fam, sound off on this head-scratcher here.

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  •  ah the white arrogance of wanting to be a leader instead of an ally.
  • she is so mea culpa self loathing that she reassigned her ethnicity?
  • I don’t take issue with her being a White NAACP leader. It’s the conscious decision and the audacity it took to be that dishonest. It’s pretty disturbing .
  •   Yes, just like when certain Black ppl will never admit in a million years that they are Black even after it is discovered that they are. I’m a fair-skinned Black American woman who has had to explain my WHOLE LIFE that I am indeed Black, of mixed racial background. And how bout this, I learned everything that I know about the TRUE history of racism in America from my activist Mother, who was White. Yes this news is disconcerting but she’s not the only person who ever “passed”. Let’s not forget all our wonderful celebrities who have lightened their skin and changed their eye color and have outright lived as White and/or denied being Black.
  •   Why is this such a shock to anyone? The NAACP is owned and ran by a white person. They want to be us until it’s time to BE US. NAACP is a joke as well as affirmative action.
  •  So what government law are they secretly passing now?? They are making a big deal out of this for a reason. This news article is a distraction to a larger story


in my newsfeed

A senior citizen male (white) poster

Tupelo, MS, United States ·

I got my quarterly haircut this morning. Fox News was on the TV. One of the customers was ranting about queers and Bruce Jenner. Another was carrying on about our President with words from the 1960’s. I remained silent. That hurts me deeply for my silence tacitly confirmed their bigotry. I should have spoken up.

  • did Elvis Presley teach America nothing?

welll. NOW this makes it alllllll make sense

Why did Rachel Dolezal pretend to be black? Maybe she wanted to get as far away from her Young Earth creationist parents as she could possibly go.   reverbpress.com|By Elisabeth Parker
what is that Hebrew word for “unmitigated gall”?
A Smoking Gun report published Monday reveals that Rachel Dolezal once filed a lawsuit against Howard University for discriminating against her as…
jezebel.com|By Clover Hope
  •  Well, that’s a fascinating addition. Just…wow. Researching this for tonight’s show. Glad you came across this piece.
  •  Did you see the one where she told another woman that she wasn’t hispanic enough
  •  and the one where this women’s parents are young earth creationists?
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something about a man kills his parents and then pleads for mercy at court because he’s an orphan.
hutzpah there’s a chutzpuh version too..
Rachel Dolezal co-opted
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~~~~~~~see also~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Cherokee Nation is denouncing scholar-activist Andrea Smith for falsely claiming to be a member of the tribe. Beyond untrue, the ethnic fraud is a painful reminder of their past.    thebea.st
Rachel Dolezal Reveals She’s Bisexual While Opening Up About Being ‘Trans-Black’
Rachel Dolezal Reveals She's Bisexual While Opening Up About Being 'Trans-Black'
Rachel Dolezal on how her identity challenges white supremacy
Rachel Dolezal on how her identity challenges white supremacy
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13 Responses to Bumper Sticker Psychology 101: Ethnicity Disphoria is now a Thing

  1. dykewriter says:

    I am not doing a new post, just collecting some expanded and continuing thoughts on this developing social media This Week’s 15 mins of Famebots

    apparently she disses a woman for not being hispanic enough and her parents are young earth creationists, so this is just her teenaged acting out well into middle age and .. how old is this … I am gonna use the word “woman” loosely .. because seriously, apparently the more thing that we know are gentic, the more fluidly that brings to identity, eh?


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