Methinks People Project Too Much…then Doest Protest too Much, eh?

Do you believe in Extraterrestrial Intelligence? What about the idea that not only do they exist, but that they are in contact with the Earth currently?
     This is just manifesting our collective desire for their to be someone smarter in charge and this is the age of ignorance in the information age… being stupid is a choice.

in the modern era aliens are both our fear and our saviours from ourselves….

these used to succubi/incubi.. night hags and witches – explains for inexplicable dreams – lucid dreaming, fantasy dreams, resolving and creative dreams – necessitate is the mother of invention – and a good night sleep makes anything right… unless… you do not have shelter, food/water and security.

Flights of fantasy or fancy, imagination –   we focus on imaginary foes when we cannot name the real ones

now. I just skimmed over the article and I notice one astonishing common trait

they all look like idealized white elfs….

this is totally racist and repugnant that someone is claiming to be in touch with aliens and cheap and obvious SF is what they come up with?

how derivative.

it is NOT the number of the planets it is HOW freaking far it is between them

and whether they, like us, could get out shit together.

without religion, we would be having solar system cruises

not just ocean ones

“Saying there is no life on any other planet is like claiming of all the cats in the entire world, only yours can have kittens.” I know I said this in the 1980s in High School, but I am unsure if I…
7 deadly sins of Sf Darkover Dune Farscape Paul Realms of Fantasy Science Fiction Encylcopedia The Cinema Book The Last 2 Million Years
humanoid arrogance
less than 1 percent genetic difference between any 2 of the 8 billion homo sapiens on this planet and that any group would have the nerve to feel better than any other.
there is less than 1 percent genetic difference between homo sapeins and the other great apes
gorillas, chimpanzee/bonobos, organgutan and the one I always forget because I confuse it with monkeys, which have tails.
apes are mostly original world and monkeys are new south to north americas and to the pacific rim china and back to …
kissing cousins indeed

The Astonishing Racial Claims of Erich von Daniken – Jason …

Jan 12, 2014 – We have all, unfortunately, encountered the sort of person who begins a statement with “I’m not racist, but…”. Erich von Däniken’s racism is …

Dec 17, 2006 – Von Däniken has also been accused of racism and Eurocentrism. Though Europe contains many remarkable, large-scale ancient monuments, …

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