Dear Pope; Ceo Christianity Incorporate; Current designation Catholic Church

Dear Current Corporal Pope Unit:

We note that the last one retired; that is not standard protocol – as such – your representation agreement is now null and void.

Pope Francis ordered the establishment of a special court to try bishops for mishandling cases of clerical sex abuse, filling a widely decried gap in…|By Francis X. Rocca


he thinks he outranks the pope?

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, wants Pope Francis to stop talking about climate change because God didn’t address it in the Bible….
John Dunleavy, chairman of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, says he will try to keep LGBT orgs from participating in the 2016 march up Fifth…


I call Kangaroo Court and not even thinly disguised window dressing.

Stop with the endless investigations and PAY YOUR VICTIMS  and compensate society :
Dear CEO of the  original multinational corporation (the original 1%) that set the greed standard with your product: money for nothing and your altar boys for free.

It’s time that someone finds a cure for Christian persecution complex.


the biggest ever drama queens, eh?


  •  Where are the lions when we need them?

  •  Almost extinct sadly.. but the elevators are working again
Everyone who is unwilling to work and play well with others are placed in turn into an arena were…
Good thing they’re not Catholic…”All we do is talk about gay people. Well, I do the talking.” – Nick Jensen (via CityNews)In what can only be described…
Churches could end homelessness and world hunger in one year. The numbers back it up, but sorry, it seems churches need mansions and jets…|By Curtis F
Shame Religion not women

The poor don’t rate a mention in our public consciousness or political campaigns because we are inconvenient and pathologized.|By Katie Klabusich
Since 2000 International Animal Rescue Foundation has been following, reporting and researching mass animal deaths around the globe and (some) freak …
being in a marginalized group is stressful; discrimination is polite genocide
This is why black people are 20 times more likely to report serious psychological distress than white people.
  • I have a dentist’s appointment soon (don’t know why THAT’s important), but when I get back (and after I eat etc.)
    I’ll get started on my elimination of racism: maybe ‘putting it into the wider view of HUMAN-race-ism’ grin emoticon
  • I think not allowing purebreeds is the way to start. LOL (nervous) LOL
  • did you know that dentists have the highest professional suicide rate? it is hard to go to work where you are feared and hated.
     so actually  your offhand comment is astonishingly relevant.


Please consider sharing……
as an atheist I am rarely moved to share prayer requests

but there was just something more viscerally compelling than the usual tragic story

Dear Lord Pope Smack Harper

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