Christians: The Real Satan Problem

A conservative advocacy group has launched a petition demanding that Fox cancel a show called “Lucifer,” arguing that it violates Christian morality, the…

Satan as powerful and even sympathetic

or God is just a bully

Milton couldn’t solve it either

 “I of Newton” showcases a mathematician in a battle of wits …
To have a hero-villian story, the hero and villian need to be balanced.
God is all powerful and Satan, not wanting to be his minion – has no chance against God
but he does it anyway, becoming the King of Hell rather than a servant in Heaven
which should tell us something actually and not that satan is temptation
satan is self rule
which, it never made sense to me, why Satan would continue to be God’s minion and punishing people for doing what he did ostenstibly
except that in the story – characters are real
so in the story of god and satan… Satan is a tragic hero and god is a bully
but in life they are just stories
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