I’za bad Canuck: Hates Hockey

I do not dislike “sports”. I played Centre for my Elementary School Basketball team and I did track n field as second runner on the relay team and shot put.

I could do grass hockey and golf. Unsurprisingly, and if I had remained at New Westminster Secondary where the Gym Teacher was Butch Fantasy Stereotype; I would have stayed in sports through high school.

But, we moved to Chilliwack. Where I had to take the school bus, so I could only join the clubs that met during the lunchhour.

Chess and AV and I hung out with a guy who became a Rhodes Scholar in Physics. he was 2 years ahead of me.

I dislike hockey because I have sucky balance and do not ice or roller skater board. I can ride a 2 wheel bicycle.

I dislike sports events because then the cluster of stranger rapes and fights and domestic violence goes up. Sports + Booze + Testosterone ; sports is war in peacetime = social problem thus war to reduce surplus young males.

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