ElvisWorld: Aloha Marty Pasetta


By the accounts of those closest to him, the Aloha concert was the last time Presley suspended his prescription drug abuse and performed at his optimum 175-pound weight.

Biographer Peter Guralnick and Sonny West credit Pasetta for inspiring the singer to clean up his act.

After meeting Pasetta, West said that Elvis insisted that he and two other bodyguards join him on a diet to burn up the fat in his system.

Pasetta said he told Presley at their first sit-down meeting, attended by two bodyguards, he had to lose weight before the concert.

“He sat straight and the guys on either side of him took out their guns and laid them down on the table, and if you don’t think I was scared, you’re crazy.”

“I said, ‘I want you skinny because I’m going to use close-ups,’ which wasn’t very popular in television in those days. I said, ‘I’m going to go from your neck to the top of your head. That’s going to be your sex appeal on the tube, along with your voice, and it’s going to make a landmark.’

“He jumped out his chair. He grabbed me, put his arms around me and said, ‘You’re the first person who was ever honest to me.’ He said, ‘I will lose the weight for you,’ and he lost 20 pounds in two months.”

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Marty Pasetta “Aloha” Producer Dead at 82: Marty Pasetta, best known for directing Elvis’ ‘Aloha From Hawaii’ spectacular and his works with the Academy Awards telecast annually from 1972 to 1988, died Thursday night. He was 82.
Pasetta was accidentily struck by a car he had just exited in La Quinta, Calif. He died at the scene, police said.
The driver stopped his vehicle to drop off Pasetta and another passenger. Stewart then went to exit his vehicle, but accidentally left the car’s transmission engaged, causing him to crash into his passengers.

Pasetta helmed “Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii,” which aired on Jan. 14, 1973, in more than 40 countries. The concert special, featuring Elvis Presley at the Honolulu International Center, remains one of the most watched TV programs in history.

When Pasetta was chosen to take reins of the 60th Annual Academy Awards in 1988, he set an all-time 17-year record for

directing the event. He also produced and directed eight live Grammy Awards and Emmy telecasts.
Pasetta’s other notable credits include “AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Fred Astaire” (1981), “The Smother Brothers Comedy Hour” (1967) and TV inaugural galas for presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

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