Freedom For/Of Religion; see also Options

I see a Church of Satan, Cannibis or FSM opening soon in your state.

so we can live with that because yours ain’t the only religion in town and

even some christian churches are learning to drop the hating if they want their grandkids to stay in those pews, eh?

of which, the Church of Satan is a subsidiary of the Abrahamic trilogy, which totally inverts the entire symbolic structure and overlap, eh?

The law says no licensed, ordained or authorized official of a religious organization can be required to solemnize or recognize a marriage that…

Woman Poster: Why, oh why, can’t these morons differentiate marriage from holy matrimony?

Nina K Tryggvason

because churches make their biggest money on weddings and receptions, and guilts people into the whole baby baptism thing. it’s their bread and butter – they object to civil marriage because then they collect no fees and they lost their main leverage for social control.

when christianity came to Iceland and began to replace the pagan religion, it was over marriage – what Icelanders would do was the have a party and betrothal ceremony and start you life and not get married until there was a baby and you’s saved the church fees.

eventually, the church in Europe allowed for common marriage and wedding were for the rich merchant and nobility family mergers and head of state interbred families of Europe.

meanwhile, in the new world, the religious had a whole new group of indigenous peoples to enslave – Mormons going so far as to call them “satan swan” while most “christians” considered black skin to be the mark of cain and this is how people justify…..

so marriage is the last battlefield and it’s very much like fighting for the frame of a stripped down car.

Divorce law ended the myth of marriage and freed women from being enslaved and financially dependant on husbands..

thus fear the witchy bitchy castrating feminism and every single other demographic splinter you want to go.

honestly, the conservatives will elect a bi racial bisexual single mother with a missing limb as long as she praiAheze jizzus

before a heterosexual white married man who never smoked a joint or drank booze if he is a declared atheist.

atheists are the new queers and we are really back in the dark ages socially in the ironically named information age.
On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer called upon state legislatures to pass resolutions declaring that they will not abide by any Supreme Court…

  •  Sounds as if that’s what Fisher wants to happen.
  • Anne Wilkerson Allen's photo.
  •  I hope he’s fined several million dollars if there is.
  •  why is he not being arrested for hate speech and threatening civil insurrection?
  • Because this isn’t Canada? wink emoticon
  • Ah.., yes.. well in Canada… we are in a very unrecognizable place. that is the only phrase I feel safe to use, eh?


End Notes: why it matters that you know who you are talking to.

In a Canadian Political Office:

Ira Sekaric's photo.

PERSON: I hope Russia knocks everyone of those garlic snappers to hell, and the western interlopers with them.

Nina K Tryggvason ” those garlic snappers ” make up a big part of Canada’s prairies.

honestly, I thought the 1970s of bashing on individual white groups was over, eh?

 and FYI. this item was posted by a russian citizen and not a canadian….

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