Words: “Respect” vs “Reverance”

Of all the places on Facebook, this conversation has been unfolding on the Smithsonian Magazine page.

The article at issue is the Bible vs Harry Potter being a better moral code, already posted on this blog.

  •  a few exceptions do not disprove the average. the bible is a manual of genocide, slavery and porn. there is no value in it and it’s very historically inaccurate.
  • religion is a mental illness and needs to be dealt with accordingly.
  •  Actually Nina is correct. It is a blanket statement, yes, but there is a movement by a Christian group to ban all Harry Potter books because it is about witchcraft and occult.

 However I disagree with the mental illness comment, that is a terrible thing to say about a person’s beliefs and about mental illness.

  • 1940s comic books. 50s rock n roll. 60 hippies… 70s dungeons and dragons. 80s rock n roll again… 90s video games and harry potter every since
  •  if christians understood their religion, they wouldn’t be one if they were good people. and religion is a mental health illness not matter what religion is it. basing one’s life on unproven traditional stories is no way to built a future for everyone.
  • faith is not a virtue, it is ignorance pride.
  •  I am agoraphobic because I was bullied by an inter-faith group, so no. I do not have to respect anyone who’s opening position is that I am going to hell because of their beliefs.
  • everyone confuses “reverence” for “respect” – religion is undeserving of either. and only members are required to have any. telling me how to feel about religion is exactly what is wrong with religion. you are not entitled to control non-members.
  • “Science is a religion” that is one of the most appalling things believers say. Science is the very opposite of religion. Science is a relationship with reality as it is; not what we would wish it to be.
    the only thing any believer could say that is worse is the how do you not kill people. Because seriously the world is ending over who as the best imaginary friend and people cannot see that death cults are the ultimate mental illness.

Respect is earned and not bestowed – that is reverence.

when we put ideas above people

that is when things get genocidey

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