Human Brains on Radiation

People who go into orbit remain a small sample of the population.


This isn’t good news for a future Mars trip.
People who fly for a living – meaning the actual airplane crew – are a large group of the population and they get a lot more exposure than those of us on the ground or rare flyers.
Frequent flyers would be higher than the population, but still lower for those who work in the air, rather than travel through it for work or play.
Cancer Invest. 2004;22(5):743-61. Review|By Sigurdson AJ and Ron E


Pilots and flight attendants in some countries are classified as “radiation workers” because of their extra exposure to cosmic rays. Scientists say these…


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In term of pollution, the airline industry is the biggest offender – putting all kinds of not only exhausted fuels, but dumped fuels prior to landing – and the sometimes literal shit storm and shiticle  that has impaled unfortunates on the ground.
Cars certainly crash more than planes, but they tend to have less environment impacts, being localized and not… scattered upon impact.
The Marine shipping industry has fuel and sewage issues as well.
but the exhaust from cars is what tend to most impact the cities with the bordering ring of industry spewing into the air and waterways.
needlessly shipping raw resources out and finished “low cost” products back
is doing the majority of pollution, this is hardly needful trade and mass production of items
we are trading a healthy environment for imaginary wealth and losing diversity
worse, the differences we cling to
are how we are mean to each other
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