Pacific Northwest: Wolf Calls on out Community Radio

Stephanie Kountouros  is a pal of mine when she lived for a while in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada  in the 1990s.

This former Washington State Senate hopeful is now doing a community program, and that station has just finished a fundraiser for better/more broadcast equipment – which supports a wider range of programs with Pacific Northwest interests.

So donations are always accepted – and contact them – sometimes it can be an amazing thing to get a kitchen appliance for the staff lunch room – and cash is always helpful to ensure the smooth administration.

nothing sinks small community groups more than having to depend on unpaid and thus less stable staffing. Because this are the places it is great to get experience. Just a thought, eh?

BC and Washington State didn’t get separated like Alberta and Texas, eh? LOL.


Anyway – on Steph’s most recent show; there was a really good conversation about Nepal, but also really powerful show about farm workers, food justice and activism.

Guest Presenter Rosalinda Guillen is a powerhouse immigrant activist

Hour of the Wolf Ep 9: Si Se Puede! Farm Workers’ March. Guests Rosalinda Guillen, Edgar Franks, Kara Black talk about the May 3 Farm…

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