Military/Police: Corporate Cultures

I am sure I am not the only person who can see the pattern here, eh?
Judge Marie Deschamps writes, ‘The problem of sexual misconduct in society at large cannot be…
An external investigation of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Forces will target military leadership for failing to better manage the problems of…
Hundreds of women are complaining about sexual harassment inside the RCMP. The force says it’s fixing the problem. Critics say it is too little, too late.
The federal government has broken down how many sick days were taken by department, but the union once again argues those numbers are skewed.
Despite employee complaints of bullying, mismanagement, low morale and high turnover in the province’s civilian police watchdog, the B.C. government’s human resources branch will not release . . .|By Katie DeRosa
Internal documents obtained by B.C.’s Haisla Nation show the federal government had concerns about the consultation approach proposed for…
Two concrete foundations at site inspected by Environment Minister last fall may have to be torn out after report finds structures have been laid in…
Company posts first-quarter profit of $4.9-billion compared with $9.1-billion a year ago
The much-criticized reaction to the recent incident in English Bay likely only confirmed Washington State officials’ worst fears about our spill-response capabilities.
Richard Kinder, Houston-based billionaire and CEO of Kinder Morgan Inc., told an industry audience last week the TransMountain pipeline…
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