Digging It: Trowels Vs Texts

Archaeology Magazine's photo.

Excavations at a Minoan city in eastern Crete are redefining the island’s Bronze Age history.


A refutation of the Minoan Hypothesis
VIDEO: A new computer simulation recreates a catastrophic tsunami that spawned waves up to 130 feet tall.
Tsunami information
thebcom.org|By Bolton Council of Mosques
the earliest and smallest cultures all huddle down on a fertile land around a river and against the ocean for eventual trade and exploration.
so every one ends up with flood myths because that is what rivers do, from time to time, and even the ocean, from time to time.
it connects to where the ground shakes and that depends on where, from the very core, where the heat and fluidity of the mantle layers presses up against the rigid crust layers – until… molten melts and friction sizzles and fizzles.
volcanic ranges where plate riding continents collide – the Rockies and Himalayas – upthrust mountains and fold mountains
weathers and worn over time by rain, sand and glacieral erosions
Anyway. I wonder why it never occured to any one that perhaps, Plato, being a philopher, was making notes for an unwritten or lost essay about a distant land that no one had heard of in order to inspire an inventions and technology race in the greecian population
instead of being all sparta or fending sparta off
mind you, that did work out pretty good for the women to stay at home actually administrate business and government….
Alexander the Great arose from the assbackwards end of Greece… so him.. Lord Byron.. Elvis Presley
Anyway – seeing what is there, what we can find – how it matches and aligns with what else we find
without trying to impose modern values and warp that view.
people look to the past to justify continuing being crappy and scrappy over bits of dirt
there is enough to share and new land is being naturally and human made now.
false scarcity based on geography and demographics has to end.
By Daniel C. Dennett
richarddawkins.net|By Rachael Black
In 1872, the amateur Assyriologist, George Smith, made a discovery that would shock the world. Whilst studying a particular tablet from the ancient..ancient-origins.net
Row over French Muslim schoolgirl sent home for wearing long skirts because it was ‘ostentatious sign of religion’
telegraph.co.uk|By By David Chazan, Paris
Jesse Irey, of Liberty, Missouri, was told that the problem with the gay equality t-shirt was the word ‘queer.’
14-year-old in Logan, W.Va., was arrested and suspended for wearing shirt emblazoned with…
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