Crime: Punishment vs Rehabilitation?

The Bali Nine Story ends in a firing squad.

this partly demonstrates that rights are geographically dependent and stresses the importance of understanding something about other countries when you travel.

For many, this punishment does not fit the crime of “just smuggling” – but they “just” smuggled a large amount of a harmful drug that would certainly cause more harm for users – many of whom – that smuggled material – could have been their fatal dose.

For others, this punishment is fitting for the relative amount and potential for harm.

But that these were low level, first timers – low hanging fruit for law enforcement to send a message that they are tough on crime, but not really effective at dealing with it.

It is a cliche in Canada and the USA for police ranking officers to retire and immediate call for legalized drugs.

In many countries, the people who are cops by day are drug cartel thugs by night.

People who use drugs impact themselves and their families – these are not social criminals. We don’t charge people for alcohol using and that does equal or more damage to family dynamics.

We need to deal with drugs as a health and social issue – not as a crime.

Crime we need to focus on the people who are actually undermining society – and that is in the corporate boardrooms.

Banged_Up_Abroad LockedUpAbroad Midnight express

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