When Defence Claims Undermine Justice…

“Feared for their Life.”

Sorry, people who’s profession puts their lives at risk are not entitled to refuse work or justify their lack of training and inappropriateness for the job.

Soldiers, Police (including coast guard and policing agencies regardless of what they are called), Fire. To a lesser extent – medical first responders.

It is mostly an admission of not being able to handle the job requirements.

“I don’t want to shoot you, man.”

‘For him to make the judgment call that he did shows great restraint and maturity,’ New Richmond Police Chief Randy Harvey said
  •  when is actually doing the job restraint?
  •  The officer was obviously in fear for his life and could well have shot the kid right from the start. You don’t charge a man with a gun unless you want to get shot.
  •  then they have no business being a cop if trigger happy is all they are. I know RCMP officers who had 20+ year careers and never once fired their guns outside of the shooting range.
  • “feared for life” is cop BS legal defense the same as rapists claiming to have been abused as children,
  •  Nina K Tryggvason the proper way to respond to this action was to shoot! The rookie was terrified of the crap people like u and the media spew after each and every shooting (vast majority justified) and hesitated! He could have easily died! He made a mistake and I would say he shouldn’t be a cop BECAUSE he didn’t fire!
  • I only spent 3.5 years working at RCMP HQ so I am sure you know better.
  •   Actually police are trained to only use lethal force at last resort not as their only resort his ability to maintain his cool was a sign of a cop that was under control and handled the situation
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