Providing Goods and/or Services to the Public

Apparently American businesses are now seeking getting their bigotry crowdfunded, they are not even waiting for there to BE a gay customer.

  • And a gay person would want to support his business and encourage his beliefs via forcing him to take their money… why?
  • I once called a garage that was listed in a gay business directory – so I mentioned the ad as why I called and the employee freaked out.
  • well that’s quite odd… but the actual mechanics, or whoever answers the phone in the garage, probably have very little connection to the people placing the ads..
  • yup. it was a bit of a shock to me so I reported it to the business directory. that was the point of it after all – these are safe and friendly businesses to call and support.
  • not much good for a business to whore to a niche market and not tell their employees to grow up
  • There ya go, thats the way to handle it.. i think if a business wants to deny service to a group, they should have to post it on a sign, and let everybody know who they;re dealin with
  • well. business needs it spelled out that they cannot deny service to people without a valid reason. – and religion is not one. every time religion goes to court in canada. it loses

before the internet – you had to get media coverage to get out the word – from 1992

Business vs customers

When I was the news editor at Angles, Vancouver’s original queer community paper, we ran stories about queer people being refused service at major chain stores.

To discriminate is to remove a person’s dignity.

Anyone who is seeking goods or services that are lawfully provided is entitled to make purchases.

Business exist because of the social infrastructure – taxes paid to government creates roads, power supply and safety.

Business do not have to hire an army to defend their supply lines, inventory or shop.

As such, there is no valid reason to refuse service to anyone and even the claim of “no shirt, no shoes no service” was not about health regulations but sexual body squeamishness and puritanical control of others.

People can hold whatever beliefs they have in their private life – but when it comes to the working world – you are not on your time anymore – you are on everyone’s time.

First come first serve and line jumping is discouraged.

I remember a guy came into the Angles office.

he was out of breath and red with fury – and he wanted me to tell his incident story about the local transit being homophobic.

He described approaching the bus and the driver giving him a look and pulling away – he chased the bus three stops and was jerked around every time.

Finally he gave up and walked straight into the newspaper office.

I had taken notes and when he finished I said “Okay.”

I looked at him.

He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt with nothing on it and a black overcoat, no lapel pins at all – an outfit common on the streets at the time, he looked like Vancouver’s Bryan Adams – only buffer and a bit cuter.

“How does the bus driver know you’re gay?”

A Michigan car repair shop owner said he will refuse openly gay customers — and, yes, that is legal. Brian Klawiter is the owner of Dieseltec in Grandville,…

gee and such a butch business name too

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