Whittling about Whistleblowing

Whistle Blowing… Blowing Your Horn… Rape Whistle

Whistle While You Work

Whistle a happy tune…

Robofraud Canada

Prentice pulling out all stops to try and maintain the CON dynasty in ALTA.

“The reason that they have done this .. they are trying to put a chill on the possibility of any civil servants volunteering for any of the Opposition parties.”

‘It is implied here that you are seeking ‘permission’ for political activity ..That is an unfair restriction on somebody’s fundamental human rights.”

Some public servants say they are effectively barred from participating in political campaigns by a new directive requiring them to disclose any political activity, even on personal time.
  •  I believe them
  •  If this is true, the union should immediately file a human rights complaint against the AB govt.
At least that’s how the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada saw it when Environment Canada recently refused to let the union meet with the scientists it represents while they wer…

From 2013 – but veryyyyyy relevant

A federal fraud investigator has been suspended without pay, after she leaked documents showing that investigators had to cut people off their employment insurance benefits in order to meet quotas.
so no one can tell… I’m afraid
Whistleblowing occurs when employees reveal corporate wrongdoing, usually in their organization, to law enforcement. Unfortunately, it is common for whistleblowers to experience…
Fact Sheet – Providing real protection for whistleblowers.
More and more government is trying to suppress and criminalize truth-telling in Canada.
It doesn’t pay to be a whistleblower in corporate Canada. There are no financial incentives, and also a very real possibility those who shed light on wrongdoing will have to find another job
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

ummm…. today……l invoked the Flying Spaghetti Monster in an email with my employer as part of the grounds why I was discriminated against at work

I already filed the Federal Human Rights Complaint back in 2012

so I am glad I didn’t let myself get distracted with the mere driver’s license matter.

I had posted this image at my workstation. I only wish I had thought to photograph my desk.



from the Random Ntrygg Archive:

The salary of a Public Service employee, whether they are federal, provincial or municipal, is not a gift from you to us. We work for our salary the same as anyone else. We pay taxes and are con…
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