The Gap God: Authority vs Authoritative

I was sitting in my fave local coffee shop, skimming the paper.

An elderly couple, in their 70s, sat at the next table and I ended up discussing a current to that day, news item.

social engineering specialist

The man noticed the front of my shirt – “Social Engineering Specialist”

“I suppose that means you’re an atheist.” he said, more statement than question.

He couldn’t let that go and he tried to lecture me.

He explained that the Big Bang Theory was too complicated and not only did he reject it, but some pal of his, who was an eye doctor – and by that – he means a tech in a glasses store, not a medical practicing doctor – who also didn’t understand it, so therefore, I must accept his god.

I explained that his lack of understanding and his pal’s lack of understanding was hardly a reason for me to give up and go god.

Then, after I explained that I actually do understand the concepts and have a deep grounding in the Scientific Method, so his ignorance was hardly going to be compelling to me.

I then explained to him the edit history of his bible and the utter lack of scholarship.

His wife had never heard her husband get let around the garden path and she interjected with an emotionalism.

“God save me from dying”

No, you went to a doctor and got medical treatment

and really, if you want to go there, your god made you sick to start with, and why fear dying if you think you are gonna be with your god?

He actually tried again, using King Herod. Normally, I do not get sucked into talking inside the details of the religion – they are always internally inconsistent and bear little resemblance to established history.

I pointed out that Herod had actually been a good king, although, he was not liked at the time, being a Roman Vassal more than a King – but that he also died before the alleged year of the birth of their Christ.

He withdrew and then tried to claim there was multiple King Herods and the one I was referring to wasn’t the bible one.

I laughed and said, you want to claim these event were real, you can’t keep shifting who the people were

you don’t even realize how much you undermine your own story

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