ReligionWatch: Another Year a New Round of End of Worlders

this man is a leader in an international doomsday cult who is trying to bring ABOUT the end of the world.

can anyone explain to me why having a religion is deemed a good thing?

Pastor John Hagee is warning members of his megachurch to prepare for the end of the world because a “blood moon” eclipse on Tuesday is…|By David

It’s bad enough that people actually believe that there’s an end of day reckoning but it’s far worse that anyone would claim to know the particular day.

How soon forgotten is Harold Camping, who was not embarrassed enough for having declared May 21, 2011 the day and been proven wrong one, had declared then October 21, 2012 – to be the day because he mathed wrong.

It’s not surprising that Camping’s followers “have dwindled since the failed May 21 prophecy — down to about 25 adults on a typical Sunday — plus about 20 youngsters attending Sunday school classes in conjunction with the prayer group.”

What’s surprising is that he as any left at all or that a man with so few followers has been able to maintain any media presence at all.

What’s boggling to me is that the Campings and Phelps of Christendom haven’t so undermined the concept, that religion still attracts people at all.

Seriously, I get why Christians like to claim that they are true believers and define belief in a way that excludes the fundies and the obvious nutters – but the reality is, that the only true believers are the fundies.

religion is a mental health issue. adults with imaginary friends that cause them to not be able to work or play or exist with others……

patterns in toast, mold, wood grain and clouds – if beleivers don’t want to be made fun of

then they need to not have such obviously stupid beliefs

our brains are pattern seekers and we recognize the patterned that we are culturally and socially primed to recognize

that beleiver sets an astonishing high level of evidence for the actual worl around them

a world filled with the wonders of science and technology – ie if you are reading this, you are using science

yet claim a poorly written text as central to worship a creator

then claiming the universe as said creation

then treating it and everyone and thing in it as they do

if I was their god, worshippers would be the last let in

after all, hell is the eternal anguish of being banned or shunned

it is people who enjoy nature who grok the natural world

and whatever mystery is left

enjoy your god of the gaps while you can

O delusional ones

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