Political Science: A British Columbia Primer on Sexual Regulations

in college, I took two courses in Political Science.

It was curious to me that this course determined 2 types of people : realists and moralists.

I explained the the professor and class that having just arrived from the Philosophy Class Morals and Ethics, that each label was simply the name of a moral system – and dividing between cold logic and emotional empathy was an incorrect label.

Seriously,  if I had come from a women’s studies class, that might have been a whole other conversation.

In any event, going from Poly Sci to Literary Classes also gave interesting understandings and me explaining to professors that one cannot isolate a work from the artist’s life any more than they can separate the artist from their cultural context.

Anyway. the Social Credit – a right wing party in BC imploded upon it’s personality cult of The Smile collapsing.

Oddly Vanderzalm has reinvented himself as something of an elder statesman – how a guy who positioned himself as a Canadian Kennedy (family clan photos), lived in a castle in the middle of a garden tourist attraction called “Fantasy Gardens” was ever deemed a creditable reasonable or realistic person is beyond me.

The BC Legislature had to deal with the issue of anti-abortionist harassing clinics and clients.

While I understand the political statement of having free standing openly operating clinics, there is point where the personal political has to respect the actual personal privacy.

The free standing clinics only benefit those who protest.

Medical patients are better off in the hospital settting with full medical care on hand – and no one would tolerate protestors at hospital doors or hallways.

This idea that a stranger is allowed to make your health care decisions and step into your family planning is so fucking obvious that only the delusional miss the point.


It was the college years and Vanderzalm had cancelled his Hawaii vacation to round up the anti-women vote.

Two guys my age were slagging Vanderzalm and a middle aged woman sputtered

“You wouldn’t be making such a big deal of that if he wasn’t catholic”

“Neither would he.” I replied.

silence for several beats


the professor resumed the class

When asked about government spending priorities, people under 35 are significantly more likely to advocate higher spending on education, the…
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