CanadaWatch: PM Harper has delivered on making Canada Unrecognizable

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P. 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Dear Prime Minister: Many Americans love Canada…
Part of Canada’s national identity has been the hang wringing inferiority complex of not being America while being culturally dominated by them at the same time.
Harper imported the idea of fix elections and then broke his own law – the American concept we need in Canada is TERM LIMITS.
The problem with the 2 party system becomes apparent when the party is a personality cult that prevents development of future leaders.
The actual Tory Party of Canada – the Progressive Conservatives were destroyed under PM Mulrooney for bringing in NAFTA and allowing America to completely dominate Canada business wide.
Hostess Chips were replaced by the saltier Doritos and Tim Horton’s was sold south. Eventually returning as “Tim Hortons” because in America – Hockey is a boutique sport and not a national passion.
 Harper waited in the shadows of Preston Manning’s Alberta based Reform party; who, after Et Tu HarperGate – the wackiest of our conservatives absorbed into C-CRAP.
The Canadian Conservative Alliance Party – they should have been forced to keep the name, eh?
Harper does not lead the Tories. He ended them in Canada.
'Please America, stop confusing this place with your local church! #BoycottIndiana'

The Gaily

For the first time, Canada has a conservative movement right of the US Democrats.
In the US, the republicans and democrats have been in an inch contest to the right and has pulled Canada with it.
The centre is Israel – global politics pulls right, so more nations need to shift left to counter-spin.

Younger Canadians more left-wing, could shift political landscape: study When asked about government spending priorities, people under 35 are significantly more likely to advocate higher spending on education, the…

We cannot let a global death cult bring about the end of the world through a   corporatocracy.
The Catholic Church is the Original Multinational Corporation.
It’s why the need for separation of church and state is critical to not allow State destructive powers in the hands of idealist zealots with no real contribution to the world, and a death purity fixation se;f loathing hatred and OCD mania.
This is why America was the great social experiment, where the individual, rather than the clan/family – is the social unit of consequence.
'She is why we need separation of church and state.'

She is why we need separation of church and state.

Why democracies elect leaders instead of every nation implementing church policy.
Why leaders in democracies should not be religious – because they are the leaders of all the people.
not just the ones that are similar to them
Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz is set to make her debut in the political spotlight as the House public safety committee embarks on what…
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