StarTrekVerse: Who is the Queerest Captain?

Answer (1 of 13): In all timelines, Picard was a heterosexual. He had an on-again / off-again romance with Dr. Beverly Crusher. That’s pretty straight if you asked me. Where you might be sensing some “non-straight-ness” is from his general lack of sexual prowess (a la, Kirk);

What is archaeology but extreme antiquing?

Picard hosted many tea parties with women officers. He didn’t play poker or associate with the male officers in this manner.
This is all the Hallmarks of a Fag with Fag Hags and cool straight chicks.
Patrick Stewart did an interview in the gay magazine The Advocate and he explained he played Picard as gay – thus his infamous discomfort around children.
He actually argued against the Picard – woman romances and Riker was supposed to have been the sex hunk on the show.
Fans preferred Whorf/Deanna Troi over Riker.
Frankly the earliest slash fiction of Star Trek next Gen was Picard and Data, sometimes Picard and Riker and rarely Picard and Wesley Crusher.
Riker and Wesley Crusher were huge subtext right in the first episode where Riker looks at Wesley with a curious expression and too gleeful voice about looking forward to seeing him on board.
I think it set Riker off on the wrong tone, especially combined with spurned torch for Deanna Troi.
The iconic actor talks about his new film Match, the joys of sex, and why he’s honored to to be misidentified as a gay man.
The X-Men movie series can be understood as any minority group, but with particular resonance for queer audiences – the threat of being registered with the government because of AIDs, the outcast state and attempts to overly control our personal lives.
Sir Patrick Stewart is one of our favorite people – how can you not love an anti-domestic violence advocate who once piloted the Starship Enterprise? That b
It’s funny to me that in this decade:
The zombie apocalypse’s most eligible bachelor is straight, says Robert Kirkman.
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