The Stupid Smart Types

'And he does have some very ignorant ideas.'
In spring 2013, I was in my favorite local coffee shop. I was also wearing my fave t-shirt:
Social Engineering Specialist Tryggvason
From the front of the shirt “Social Engineering Specialist”  he was able to correctly surmise that I am an atheist.
He then proceeded, entirely uninvited, to preach to me.
He started with King Herod.
I explained that Herod was actually an effective king who was despised by his population, thus he lacked the army’s support for such a baby slaughter policy, he also died the year before the alleged birth of Christ and really why is repeating the equally dubious Moses story at all compelling.
He sputtered and tried to claim there were several King Herods.
I said, well, you have just weakened your own case to eliminate one character who is proven to exist.
I pointed out that the sheer number of versions of Christianity cast doubt on the One Truth, and that Christianity was only one part of the Abrahamic trilogy, which starts with Jews spawns Christians who then spawn Islam and as a final act, farts out Mormon in the new world.
He had no comeback to this, other than to assert that he rejected the Big Bang because he couldn’t understand it and as a final pitch, he also claimed an eye doctor pals of his to also reject the Big Bang.
I smiled patiently and explained that him not understanding something and his friend, who is not a scientist, but a low level medial technician (not a real practitioner of medicine) not understanding something does not make it untrue or not understandable by other people. Many other people.
it is really less about understanding the final result, as having a good process
religion has a  poor process, poor documentation and horrifying social application
the whole reason the Magna Carta was created was to protect the people from the whims of authority
the American social experiment of democracy was that the individual is the social unit of consequence, with the freedome to take liberities with what makes them happy
the purpose of law is to remind us that the happiness of one is not arrived at by harm to another.
because clearly, that is not what religion teaches. why the follower are flocks and sheeples getting fleeced
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1 Response to The Stupid Smart Types

  1. dykewriter says:

    Carolus Aderat Churches are like ice cream shops with no ice cream. Deliver on what you claim to be selling and there will be no atheists.

    Nina K Tryggvason they are always surprised when we are not as compelled as they are about their feelings and circular logic.

    I had a guy try to tell me that because he didn’t understand the big bang and some eye doctor he thinks is a ‘scientist” also doesn’t understand it – that obviously, it was wrong.

    I told him that it was curious how he and his god were the same kind of asshole who causes all the problems of the world, especially the dumbing down part.

    I don’t think his wife had ever hear a woman talk back to her husband before.

    I also told her that she can’t assert god saved her when she had surgery. that her lack of faith in prayer and going to the doctor showed her lack of faith.

    honestly, it took everything I had to be that rude to an elderly couple, but I am sick of white people walking into places and talking over top of every one else and they deserved the smack down.


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