80s Movies: Kevin Bacon

I liked the Brat Pack group, but my fave 80s actors were Kevin Bacon and Timothy Hutton.

my 2 fave 80s boy movies are Footloose and TAPS, in many ways, the same film obversed.

2  fave 80s grl power flicks are The Legend of Billie Jean and Just One of the Boys.

fave 80s rom com – Valley Girl

saw this in my newsfeed, and had to check out what Kevin Bacon is up to in his astonishingly varied career – his swerve into villians was chilling.

There is a movement afoot to bring a Footloose star to a small town in Alberta.

The ‘Save Us Bacon’ campaign was launched after a Community Standards Bylaw was adopted in Taber, a town that sits 250 kilometres southeast of Calgary, and is known as the corn capital of Canada.


So excited about my new apple watch!


'So excited about my new apple watch!

kewl a tv show
'@mytyke thanks for this. Enjoy the show everybody


Spending VDay with My Ukulele Lady @kyrasedgwick #365


'Spending VDay with My Ukulele Lady @kyrasedgwick #365

OOo the Closer.;.. one of my top 5 fave procedurals – and part of my recovery of language/communication skills.
she was amazing in Phenomenon.
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