From Cult to Religion Case Study: From Many to One: Christendom

Anthropology 101

How Cults become Religions.

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Cults are smallish groups centered on a personality.

IF they become successful and are joined by a range of people across the class spectrum – it becomes used to prop up the social hierarchy

in the early days, the church and state propped each other up

to rule was divine and divinity ruled

the first Christians were anti-materialistic group of one goddists

in a world where everyone who was anyone in civilization had their own pantheon – a god for every thing and a goddess for everyone


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They had a martyr complex that made them ideal for the Roman Circus – that masterpiece of social distraction – public gorey games of life and death.

men against mens and beasts

Notice the early Christian iconicry in the first century didn’t really include a Jesus

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see no one actually met him – they just met some disciples

Nazareth was built in the 3rd century of the current era as a spa village.

The Romans ever did a census, we have a lot of their government documentation and they did not discover the math to conduct a census. that happened in the 17th century


the roman census story was added by King James to make his population accept the first government census done under him.


to put it in modern terms

it would be like Elvis Presley happened in the 1950s, but the Memphis Mafia guys didn’t tell anyone until the next decade – 2020s.


The Credulity of Believers is thrown into sharp relief when they ask

what is the motivation for religious leaders to lie?

well. …


cue Dire Straights

Money for Nothing and your Altar Boys for Free

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.     Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
The Catholic Church adds the pageantry and ritual of state.  They are the original multinational corporation.
it is why States began to separate.
Leaders of state want to lead.
democracy means a mandate from the people, not a deity

Here are some mind blowing religious facts:


all versions of Christianity are essentially one branch of a Religious trilogy called the Abrahamic Faith.


Judaism 1.0

Christians 2.0

Islam 3.0


all the same religion, fractured over cultures, geography and time



even together you are not the majority in the global picture


China – which Christianity has spread to and combined with ancestor worship in some area and animism in other overlapping with Buddhist




India, where Buddhism originated and spread to China, is largely Hindu with it’s pantheon of bureaucracy


both have over a billion people each – that is 2/7th of the world


then going for the all oceanic areas and tribal shamanist religions



religion has the force and reality that we give it, and that reality is violent xenophobia and fear of others


it is how we exclude rather than include people



most religions you have to be born to, you cannot convert and they do not marry out


they are karma and reincarnation based


they have the same zero evidence as all other religions have



that we keep seeing cults spring up and become religions with the correct marking


such as Scientology and the American edition of Christianity – is not the evangelical protestant – that was a move away from Europe’s version of Christianity


the Mormons – who basically subverted the do not commit adultery rule



in most religions that are practised in the modern era, women are second class.;


this is why religion is not compatible with democracy any more than royality is.


we do not need to pay for pomp and circumstance


when so much of the world is starving or dying of thirst




if we really don’t  think about the children


the world we created and the world we are leaving for them



The leader of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is tired of “a few rogue Klansmen” ruining the group’s reputation, and argues that the group is a…

where the idea that christians were nice came from baffles me.

this is what they are. spread by the sword or the word that instructs in said sword use

Another day, another “persecuted Christian.” As everyone knows, gay-hating Christians seem to cherry pick what it is they want to believe in the bible, and…






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4 Responses to From Cult to Religion Case Study: From Many to One: Christendom

  1. dykewriter says:

    Kath Walker R U poised to submit to Sharia Law, as strictly construed by Deash?

    Nina K Tryggvason there is no difference between sharia and christianity. they are both bastarizations of judasm, which is derivative of earlier religions

    I support the Canada Charter of RIghts.

    knocking one does not mean supporting another. it is not binary, it is a universal reject of all versions of theism


  2. dykewriter says:

    in the 1 century people didn’t live 70 years. so it is more like people who met the memphis mafia guys were the first ones who talked about Elvis in traceable ways in the next decade.


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