Women seeking downgrades from rapists to terrorists?

Would you trade your freedom and rights for a pretty boy who lives off the land and who’s goal is to die a martyr?

Are women really that stupid and desperate for fixer uppers?

What does this mean for the FriendZone Men?


“Attractive” jihadists can be used to radicalise British girls, a former female extremist has claimed. Ayesha*, a woman in her 20s from the Midlands, was one of many…
The bad boy with the heart of gold is the female myth equivalent to the male hooker with a heart of gold.
I can see why people tolerate abusive relationships with mates if they are religious. it’s the same relationship on a differing scale.
the man is a real person who has applied a fallacy of divinity
love is not controlling or absenteeism
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10 Responses to Women seeking downgrades from rapists to terrorists?

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