All Social Movements Owe Each Other

people marginalized by society challenge it

either changing the society towards inclusion

or well probably genocidal extermination


as a generality


looking at America and Canada as similar nations


white women got the vote for “women” but they mostly meant the white ones

black people got out of slavery and to vote, mostly they meant the men

Gay people marched and went to court, looking at what was most effective at the previous movements

Women again in the 70s for reproductive right, largely supported by lesbians who were included but not really


the current Athiest/skeptic free thinkers and realists have followed on the gay strategy




being called a dyke or bitch shuts down the woman


so gay and lesser than male slurs shuts down the men


we all owe each other



we owe it to not be assholes who expect more than others get


we owe it to help those who come after us and not just “yeah we’re the man now”



interdependence and cooperative behaviours are social ones


humans are social animals


it shouldn’t be this hard to work and play well together, eh?

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