Global Solutions to Population and Violence

The only way to ensure that every person is treated fairly, is to have one world government,


As it is, rights are entirely geographically dependant and conditional on demographic label approvals.


So. This is really not because I am a lesbian. It’s because my favorite bit of literature ever is Jonathan Swift’s a Modest Proposal.


Blogging, after all, is modern pamphleteering.


Satire, Parody, social commentary and idealism – which, depending on how well received – could become ideals.


ideas are revolutionary, which is why the pen is mightier than said sword


Anyway, we certainly have an understanding of both breeding and technology to be able to accomplish this.



There is currently over 7 billion people on the planet; in a range of age groups from elderly (which in too many nations is now the population bulge) the productive grandparent – adult parents and non-child rearing adults – and then young adults down to teens and children.


The ratio of these groups is determined by social customs and life span. Few countries are at optimal ratios in term of distribution curves across the socio-economic strata of upper to middle to lower class.


There have been come too many categories, when nations are classified as first (western industrial) to second (communist industrial) to Third (dirt poor, mostly Africa) to 4th world – poorest of the poor.



There is a correlation between the nation poverty rate and religiousness.


Religion decreases with both education and affluence.


Napoleon nailed it when he said religion was primary to prevent the masses from slaughtering the rich. Ironic, given the givens.


Anyway, the solution is clear.


At age 16, in prime peak age, all males freeze 5 wanks.


Then, they are castrated like we do to dogs and for the same reason.


To prevent accidently breedings and to lower violence.


Males then can have offspring when they are financially capable and have demonstrated social capability.


Males who demonstrate anti-social, violent behaviors are then removed from the gene pool without any negative impact.



Now, this part will be a bit controversial – because one of the problems with the number of older fathers is offspring that are developmentally differing from the norm.


Just as eggs degrade over time for women, so does sperm for men.


So in this way, each male can ensure the best calibre of his offspring.



Which is not to be endorsing eugenics – or create a socially negative view of differently abled people.

Boobquake HHP


the primary purpose is to reduce rape of women and to improve their treatment in society


sex without the procreative imperative encourages more socially co-operative than dominance behaviours more appropriate to primitive times


better education for women means improved workforces and more vibrant cultures

the strategy of having 8 to 6 offspring in hopes of 2 or surving to adulthood to be able to take care of you as an elderly person……


this has to change.. especially if we keep claiming life matters.


quantity matters in diversity

quality it what matters for the individuals



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