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When you opt to press the shuffle function on your music player, just how random is the music that comes out?

Nina K Tryggvason it is not random. computers cannot do random. they work on a forumula. we have to wait for quantum computers to accomplish random generating code

SaleHa Jaweid Exactly … if it follows an algorithm it’s the opposite of random … right?

Nina K Tryggvason Yes. we need to ensure they they don’t random. Otherwise Stephen Hawking is totally correct about AI being dangers. Seriously, it’s like no one saw The Terminator series….



The Indiana Senate has passed a bill allowing any faith-based group or corporation doing business with the state to dictate the religious beliefs and behavior of its…

talk about owing your soul to the company store

Employers seem unaware that we are not a feudal society where you own those who’s labour they benefit from


'Thanks @[216281778404925:274:The Resonance Project]!'
not aliens….. buildings bigger on the bottom than the top do not fall down….
Back in 2012, Albert Einstein’s much-debated “God Letter” was sold on eBay for just over $3 million. But the famous physicist’s thoughts on the Almighty are still…

Why there was no separation of church and state originally, was to prop each other up for power over the people

profit and prophet rule


'This is what modern feudalism looks like. Any questions? 

@[277613075615568:274:Mint Press News]  <----- (y)'

This is what modern feudalism looks like. Any questions?


'Nina Tryggvason

The Origin of the word 

'Harper government's logic: Peaceful protesters are terrorists, but Neo-Nazis are just a little misguided.'

Harper government’s logic: Peaceful protesters are terrorists, but Neo-Nazis are just a little misguided.

'Here's 3 powerful guided meditations for you:

@[131929868907:274:Collective Evolution]'


why pick on the ONE movie that women got to starve in.

Pick a hero zipper gripper dick flick and the movie gross is biggger.

actually, that was a typo, but given the food disorders women in hollywood have to compete for those few roles……

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