Offense Sensitivity

There are some companies out there that attempt to make a statement with their names and product names but are oblivious to the fact that they’re offensive and ripe…
  •  when did offensive become the point of advertising?
  • When advertising was invented?
  •  it was perfected in the 1940s by frued’s nephew as a means to undermine self esteem without the product.
  • But corporate use of hurtful stereotypes goes much farther back in history. Further? I think I mean further.
  •  propaganda by governments against other peoples is as old as there being 2 cultures

    why is he wearing a confederate flag?

     maybe if he read a book he’d know he is promoting slavery, eh?
    Stupid Quote of the Day: Kanye West
     Not being racist, sexist, or anything else-ist. But what a twat!
  •  you can comment safely on the individual’s behavior without call in any group identifiers.
  •  Co-incidence, I’m not a fan of Kanye West.
  • he is a complete ego twat and that word is too good for him.
  • His disrupting award shows is pathetic plea for attention
  • Sign of the times .. intelligence not needed, just an attitude and a desire for fame.
  • Mixed feelings about this, but it’s worth it for, “Waspafarian.”
    Whether they know it or not, white women who practice belly dance are engaging in appropriation
    •  so many things start in one country or culture and become popular everywhere. the piano. the use of hotsauce. Basketball (Canada, by the way). How does anyone draw the line between “good, homage” adopting of something, and it being some proprietary theft of the 11 herbs and spices?
    • And of course, things like jazz that quite legitimately began in black American communities but was quickly shared (appropriated too, but I’m addressing the meeting of minds and music) and in many respects, became the forefront and sole space of integrated communities? This is in part why I have mixed feelings. Dominant culture and people DO often thoughtlessly take whatever pieces of nondominant cultures appeal to them. Art, music and dance DO evolve and grow and spread through cultures. The only wrong answer here is the simplistic one.
    • I agree about the wrong answer being the simplistic one. I am also thinking/hoping that all of this – from one extreme to the middle to the other extreme – is an essential aspect of growing pains – of learning to truly think (with your heart and soul) about your actions, to act with integrity as best as you know how, to allow yourself and others to make mistakes and take responsibility for those mistakes, and to learn. I have also learned that sometimes I will be very hostilely accused of appropriating – and I will be verbally abused about it etc. and agonize over it and end up coming to the conclusion that I do not agree and I feel completely okay about my behavior. In fact, I suspected (in one situation in particular) that this had nothing to do with cultural misappropriation, and much more to do with an individual who felt the need to vent their toxic anger on someone – anyone. There are SO many wounded people out there – myself included – so many people who suffer from prejudice and hate and poverty. I keep thinking that I need to give and receive as much understanding and compassion as I possibly can in all this, and still have my boundaries about what is and isn’t an acceptable way to treat each other. And we all have to choose our battles. And this will be different for everyone and over time. For me, personally, whether or not a person dresses up as a witch for Halloween, for example, isn’t even on my list of important battles to fight. For me there are so many more urgent problems, but that is just me.
    • Wait! So if I can’t PROVE a link in my heritage to a particular thing I have no right to it? This is getting out of control. Sorry, rolling my eyes on this one. I would love to learn to belly dance if for no other reason than because it is a great way to exercise and having had THREE back surgeries and requiring more, I am fairly limited in my activities but dance is my SOUL. PFFFT! I will dance any dance I want.

    •  Meanwhile I will continue to cook foods from ALL over the world too. I am not appropriating anything by delighting in the opportunity to experience the richness of the world through dance, music, food or any other aspect of another culture.
    •  Did you read the article, ?
    • Part of it. I felt like I was supposed to be feeling guilty for using Chinese Five Spice in my dinner tongue emoticon
    •  I would respectfully ask you to do so before commenting. I find its best to try and be open to hearing other points of view and really thinking about them… Especially when the viewpoints are from non-dominant cultures.
    • I read it and I still feel like I am supposed to be ashamed for enjoying the richness of our world. I really take offense at all the finger wagging. Sure some people go over board and I roll my eyes at their name changes and such. But underneath it all we are all people. I tend to see the extreme opinions creating more of a rift between the cultures. I grew up a (mostly) white girl in Indian Country. My Great Grandfather was full blood Native American but you can’t tell it looking at me. Just because I have Native heritage doesn’t mean I have a dream catcher hanging from my rear view mirror either. I see incredible beauty in all the peoples of the world and think it should be available for all to experience. Granted, changing my name to Sun Luck Mom is probably an asinine thing to do just because I like Chinese food. It is about balance of course. But really, if someone is really that in love with a culture that they want to learn all about it and practice the customs, who am I to judge. Do I shun Japanese people for Westernizing? No. Do I denigrate a woman for converting to Judaism when she marries an Orthodox Jewish man? No. Some of it is disrespectful but by and large I think it is a wonderful thing for people to explore the customs of the world. I think it brings people to a closer place of understanding and ultimately, harmony with the differences.
    • I am really disturbed by the segregation the author seems to desire. Refusing sisterhood and celebration of womanhood to other women based on the color of their skin is bothersome for me. Really truly, which of us doesn’t have a maternal link to the Middle East? Did “white women” spontaneously erupt from the sands of Malibu Beach like some spray tanned caricature of Venus? I have such a hodge podge of “heritages” I don’t know which one I have “enough of” to qualify as anything anymore.
    • Okay – I don’t know how this one fits in exactly but I will try to give an example that might work (although I am not sure). I am pagan – deep down to my bones pagan. I am a witch. I happen to know that a long time ago Christians took the sacred days (such as winter solstice and The Spring Equinox) and turned it into Christian Christmas and Easter while shunning and shaming and even killing witches (and those presumed to be witches) – this REALLY pisses me off – Christ wasn’t born anywhere near December 25th – but for pagans Dec. 21st and 22 are the REBIRTH of the Sun and Christians were doing all they could to “save the heathens” even taking their spirituality and perverting it. So there ya go – one example – and it is still happening – and still pissing me off. However, if there wasn’t such hate and judgement and, “suffer not a witch to live” attitudes going on right now – today and every day – all over the country – I wouldn’t be so pissed about it. I could live in the now, celebrate diversity and all that. But that isn’t what is going on. The Dominant religion is still taking my sacred rites, rituals, ceremonies, days, twisting them around a bit and claiming that they are christian – and continuing condemn my spirituality to their hell. But they take our spiritual rituals – seriously – eggs and Easter are SO Pagan – one tiny example – and at the same time not only look down at us but get outright hostile. THIS is something I find absolutely not okay.
    • But for me – whether or not you choose to find sacredness in eggs during the spring is not really the issue here – the issue is far far bigger than that – far more important – and I would actually prefer to focus on the bigger issues – such as all of us having the right to our spiritual/religious beliefs and none being giving more power than another in ANY circumstances. Laws of our nation not being based on Christian beliefs and values. – for example.
    • And this truly is one example of many in which I think there is a much bigger issue – problem – than what we cook or how we dance – it is far bigger than that – We need to listen to each other and “hear” each other. And work things out – but we can’t do that if we are too over-whelmed in our anger, defensiveness, accusations, bitterness, denial etc. This is not easy stuff to deal with, it has been deeply ingrained for so long – the dominant doesn’t have to see or deal with the pain being caused, whether this is physical, financial, or spiritual. But I will say this – I don’t think there are many people who are free from any from experiencing prejudice, disability, chronic pain, disabling grief/loss, just being too different and so being punished by systems build to force everyone to be the same. We all suffer. I think that is important to keep in mind during these kinds of discussions. And during my years in support groups for victims of sexual abuse, I learned how harmful it is to get into a, “my pain is more valid or more real or worse” than you pain mentalities.
    •  So I will throw this out there. I am a white belly dancer. I have been dancing for over 35 years. I teach traditional dancing with its purposes and history as part of the learning. I respect it and honor it as a thing of beauty and give credit to the culture it comes from. SO do I exchange or appropriate? Lets see what you all have to say. smile emoticon
    •  it’s exercise and sexy. people need to not be proprietary about culture. it is for everyone. multi it people. embrace the future
    • O Canada, embracing multiculturalism hasn’t always been…
    •  So blackface is OK now? Or Arabface is but blackface isn’t? And is eating food the equivalent of presenting yourself as someone from another culture?
    • It’s interesting to me that when the subject comes up, the people who are the loudest and most adamant that it’s OK are the ones from the dominant culture that has historically been responsible for the appropriating.
    • well I was in a workshop about unlearning racism and got lectured by a gal in a t-shirt and jeans about whites appropriating her culture…….
    •  most of what is called culture is oppression and torture of women. so most culture needs to be rejected in favour of equality
    • the good parts of culture are the arts and foods aspects.
    •  Also, I have deleted a “comment” that wasn’t so much a comment as a link-drop. If I’m having coffee with my friends, come by and listen. Please share your opinion. But don’t throw a newspaper at my face and walk away. So it is with my wall. Thanks much.
    •  I would like the queer community to stop using the Nazi imposed black and pink triangles.
    •  I think “reappropriation” is a whole different conversation. smile emoticon
      so basically, if I as a white person, don’t know about a culture. I am a racist
      but if I enjoy any parts of a culture I wasn’t born to, I am a thief.
      I think I understand why people can’t talk to each other.
      if those questions I posed had been rhetorical, then perhaps I would have been dismissing/strawmanning. But they were sincere questions I am reflecting upon. Call me naïve. But I don’t assume I actually understand what cultural appropriation is. What’s important is that a woman from that culture finds my belly dancing exploitative. And that has stopped me in mid-shimmy….
    • ……. wow. I am impressed by your response.
      I am curious, how is she harmed by you dancing?
    • so how long does it take for no one to answer for me to win the conversation?
      I am not up to date on netiquette rules of group chats
    • I am  more concerned about cultural traditions causing this kind of harm than people being all ownery and copyrighty:
      Behind the millions of imported flowers we buy every year…|By Oliver Balch
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2 Responses to Offense Sensitivity

  1. dykewriter says:

    Poster: have never really stopped migration and that is the story of history. Now in the information age it is even easier to “appropriate” other cultures. Still, it is the story of history and will never be stopped.

    Nina K Tryggvason culture is fluid and holding to traditions means stagnation

    we are a global planet and we have pockets of people living in stone age conditions still in the information age for most people.

    there is no reason to keep people in living museums


  2. dykewriter says:

    POSTER: I dread the day we are forced to be card carrying members of any tribe.

    Nina K Tryggvason

    humans of planet earth. borders are imaginary and our hatred makes them real

    POSTER My race is human. My culture is world. I am open to meeting and loving people from every tribe.

    Nina K Tryggvason I do not anthropormsize homo sapiens.


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