TerrorWatch: Canada Edition, eh?

Ritch Dowrey spent the last five and a half years of his life in a care facility after being attacked in a gay bar in an act described by a judge as ‘virulent…

  • I’m beginning to formulate the belief that all LGBT Civil Rights organizations should advocate that members of the LGBT community purchase legal handguns, get them license, get the proper self-defense training, and carry those handguns with them at all times….AND also become NRA members so they can influence policy against assault weapons and in favor of mental health testing and pre-screening for anyone to purchase a gun…

  •  That’s an idea,
  •  Lambda NRA?
  • I worked with a friend of his. it was a horrid day in the office. my coworker was closeted and I wasn’t.
    his life was taken away from him, just coldcocked out fo the blue. for no reason but that someone else was an asshole.
    so many interconnect lives…… and a community once against terrorized in Canada.
    Little Sisters got bombed twice in it’s original location.
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