Godbottery: Islam Edition

I admin a small Flying Spaghetti Monster group and recently, FSM groups are being targeted by Islamic Godbots.
They are a bit different than Christian Godbots.
https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/if-we-all-turned-purple-we-could-end-homophobia/</p><br />
<p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6838wrnYhC0</p><br />
<p>Invisible Visibility     </p><br />
<p>sunshine is the best sanitizers</p><br />
<p>truth makes us invincible</p><br />
<p>or it's supposed to</p><br />
<p>Oscar was right. No good deed goes unpunished
I will stick with science.

I will stick with science.

  •  How Can u judge Islam from a pic that u don’t even have proofs for? The american government is one of the most brutal and corrupt, but that doesn’t mean the citizens are like that?
  •  violence against women is largely men asserting their godliness over the woman. this was a huge news story.
     religion is all wrong. every single one of them.
    islam is judged not by individual cases but by how it has absolutely retarded the societies where it dominates. the last good thing your scholars did was preserve teh ancient greek texts from the christians.
  •  Ignorance is a baaad thing. U sound like u are manipulated by the media which by the Way is controlled by zionists! U judge Islam because some people calls themselfs for muslim, but doesn’t act the way God want us to. We as humans aren’t perfect, but Islam is. U have to research before u judge.
  • This is not the first time I have heard of islam or watched the news. why are you in a flying spagetti monster group if you are Islamic
     no. religion is a perfect pack of lies and it meets the diagnostic manual’s defination of delusional.
  • Islam in particular is assbackwards and stone age. it is the worst of the abrahamic trilogy.
  •  Just remember that Islam gave the womens the right to make their own business and so on wink emoticon
  • And u struggled in so long time to get these Rights..
  • This just proves that u guys are old
  • big talk for the 3.0 version of the trilogy.
     2 hours…. tic tic tic

    The muslims actually won the original set of crusades…. so this current day playing victim when they have resources and a population

    that is largely left stone/bronze age educated and rural across arabialand

    while the elite of that society has westerned up into decadence that would make the old glory days caliphs jealous

    talk about sexual inadequacies and blame transference.

    women’s education and participation is key to a thrival society

    not just scrap-istence ones

    any culture that is more concerned about after lives than this life

    the only one we know we have

    is not a culture that deserves to exist in the future, nor will it be possible for them to be able to advance

    the more people are online and aware of other cultures, the bottom realizes that 99% beats 1% every time

    there is only one planet to go to.

    well…. my first experience with any Islamic people was in my early 20s in the 1990s

    a true story from Canada, eh?

    I was the manager of an adult video store and next door was a plumbing shop – owned and staffed with Islamic men

    who, would enter my forbidden store of pornography and huddle in their groups and then harass staff at the store.

    I put an end to that, first by asking the owner of my store to deal with it and when he did not. I did.

    I walked into the plumbing store with a metal baseball bat.

    I looked around his store and said “My what lovely glass and chrome shelving you have,”

    I then put the baseball bat down on his counter and stood with my hands by my side.

    I said “Now, I manage the store next door and I have an issue with your staff harassing my staff.”

    He just looked at the baseball bat.

    “Do you want me to come back to talk about this a second time?”

    He looked at me now. his mouth hanging open.

    “No” he finally said. “I make sure.”

    “Thank you.” I said, taking my bat and leaving the premises.


    1.2 billion Catholics worldwide have been urged to “TAKE ACTION” on climate change.


    RelgionWatch – Canada Edition

    irony metre breaks…. he belongs to a young earther evangelical Christian Church….


    Two national Muslim organizations say they are troubled that Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week drew a link between radicalization and mosques.


    ***** ATTENTION SIKH PARENTS, YOUNG BOYS & GIRLS ***** WHY are Muslim Men Targeting Young…
    Australian mythology from Godchecker – the legendary mythology encyclopedia. Your guide to the Australian gods, spirits, demons and legendary monsters. Our unique mythology dictionary includes…
    Katy Perry is the perfect poster girl for the New World Order because she used to be a Christian, and now mocks the God she once served.

    sorry you do not have the right to be bothered by reality. get therapy.


    Earlier tonight, the Carnival Corporation aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. It featured the voice of President John F. Kennedy talking about returning to the…

    kissing cousins and the child religions of Judaism


    Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/DarkMatter2525 What could possibly go wrong? This bird has two right wings. B…

    religion is as religion does

    AIR INDIA’S staff loaded the bag containing the BOMB, although it beeped while it was checked……

    should communities be allowed to have pride celebration where they worship people guilty of violence?

    doesn’t that tell you every thing you need to know about the value and the values of that culture?


    canadian sikh extremists(khalistanis)-air india bombing


    world sikh organisation abusing hindus & urging hindu massacre
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