ReligionWatch: Canada Charities vs Canada Revenue Agency

Federal tax agency concluded the organization did not meet the definition of a charity when it first applied back in 1982
A national group that advocates for assisted dying for those with terminal illness has lost its charity status following an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency.|By TIFFANY CRAWFORD
OTTAWA – A New Democrat MP is raising the spectre of a political coverup in asking the federal information watchdog to investigate the Canada Revenue…
It’s not just Muslim fanatics who treat blasphemy as a crime. So does Canada.
Centre For Inquiry Canada continues to develop forward-thinking relationships to provide support and assistance for Canadian and international secular humanists….
There is a tweet about Harper selecting a shipwreck as the symbol of his leadership. 1st term he cancelled the Charter Challenge program removed equality from the Status…

‘It can no longer go unnoticed’

Women in civil service go on disability leave almost twice the rate of men, a problem some experts say should be addressed as part of the government’s new…
  • The salary of a Public Service employee, whether they are federal, provincial or municipal, is not a gift from…
  • Nina K Tryggvason that says a great deal about the corporate culture at the management level, eh?
  • Lucy White This country is out of control with disability … much like welfare – people seek careers in getting benefits.
    • Bryant A Campbell The issue I don’t understand is it doesn’t pay as much as your job. Also there are no CPP, Vacation pay or EI premiums deducted off of disability collections. I know this as I just had reconstructive knee surgery. It sucks ass being on it and I can’t wait to make my full wage and contribute again.
    • Patrick Scheffer Welfare queens … as usual … women get married for money… and get divorced for money too … nothing new… !
    • Jeri Malone Oh right because no man ever married for money .. Please insert eyeroll here ..
    • Peter Alex Warland No one should.
    • Ty Semaka @Jeri. You forgot to insert hashtag notallwomen. Lol.
    • Jim Somerville What often happens is that as they near retirement, they look at their massive pool of rollover sick leave. They see that as entitlement, not insurance. So they go to their doctor, claim stress, and thus the disability results you see. Some get to work 4 day weeks, etc. That’s why the government wants to replace the sick day rollover with actual insurance.
    • Sally Chaster Ummmm, disability is not a form of public service welfare, nor is it away of using sick leave “entitlements”. There is an onerous review process to qualify for disability benefits, and we would be better asking why disproportionately more women than men are qualifying for disability, and how we can support all employees better to stay in their jobs.
    • Nina K Tryggvason I did not work in government to become disabled. I becamed disabled as a result of working in government.
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