Psyche 101: Understanding Oppression

  • he’s a fucktard
  • ^^^ What he said!
  • he is a propagandist, not a documentarian. I tend to agree with him on many things, but not what he is,.
  • don’t you losers have anything better to do than disparage

    who’s opinions you disagree with?

  • Thats ironic
  • <<< agreed with his opinions. I disagree with his identity and job title.
  • what’s wrong with a working class stiff like me disparaging someone who disparages 50% of the population for a living, and makes millions of dollars while doing it?
  • yes. exactly Gil. bigotry is prejudice plus power to enforce it.
     bulling trickles down, not up.
    While the glorification of American psycho sniper Chris Kyle on the big screen is atrocious, the movie’s rewriting of the US destruction of Iraq and racist portrayal of…|By Rania Khalek
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