Canada Conservative Politics: The Campbell Brand

British Columbia's premier was fined $913 US (about $1,350 Cdn) Monday after pleading no contest to a drunk driving charge in Hawaii.

Gordon Campbell was not in the court for the hearing. He was represented by a lawyer, who paid the penalty on his behalf.

"Mr. Campbell is sufficiently embarrassed and ashamed for what he did, as well he should be," said Maui District Judge Reinette Cooper.

    Maui Police Dept. Photo
    Maui Police Dept. Photo

The premier was also ordered to take part in a 14-hour substance abuse program, and undergo an assessment for alcoholism. His lawyer said Campbell has already completed both in Canada.

Maui police arrested Campbell Jan. 10 as he returned from the home of friends. They said he was speeding and swerving on the highway. Campbell's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, according to court records.


Residents of a new federal riding in Vancouver are receiving phone calls asking them if they’d vote for former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell were he to run for…
  •  Oh I can only hope he runs. Hi Gordo coming back to play are you. Get ready go back to your closet our battle wasn’t finished when you hid. This is the lowest form of human there is. A Harper Clone.
  • But also bigtime LPC supporters just like current Premier Clark, they can equally play it both ways amongst the neoliberalists.
    He’s too old!
  • that would be a crime as bad as Harper! He opened the door to Crustys destruction of B.C.
  • Nina K Tryggvason oh please let him do it and then the party be wiped out like the progressive conservatives. we need to get real fiscal conservatives back in politics not these fill yer boots boys
  • re elect drunks?….really?
  • go to jail asshole Campbell!!!
  • doesn't he look pleased with himself.

drunk driving on vacation is apparently not a crime at home.

    doesn’t he look pleased with himself.

    drunk driving on vacation is apparently not a crime at home.


    Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
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