ReligionWatch: Let’s Talk About Reductability…

Spot on, though I've no idea who it is...
Rage gets us into conflict, reason eventually gets us out. And so it is in the wake of the Paris massacre. So is it any surprise that right-wing leaders around the world are calling on citizens to rage against Islam, and not just it’s radical elements.
  • Gil Carvalho I have no tolerance for adherents of Sharia law. Bronze age goat herders belong in their native land, not in Liberal Paris or London. If you want to be an extremist, be one in your own country.

    will this be the turning point that sees religion deemed a mental health issue

    and the world will stop fighting over who has the best imaginary skydaddy?


    Foreign Policy,Human Rights,Social|By Maruza Ferous
    A 21-year-old Egyptian student has been sentenced to three years in jail for insulting Islam after he announced on Facebook that he is an atheist, his lawyer…|By Jessica Chasmar

    religion teaches isolationist supremacy delusions……

    Catholic League President, Bill Donohue, said that ‘secularists have inferior mental and physical health, which is why they die early and end up in asylums.’
    Yesterday’s historic march across Paris included over 40 world leaders expressing solidarity for France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre., but if you read Haredi…
    from Global Secular Humanist Movement Burning people accused of being witches, this video is from Kenya and is horrific, please heed the warning of its graphic nature. New Guinea has also been the …

    at the point where we are expected to tolerate intolerance. Yes. that is the tipping point of saying – that is in inferior culture and constructed identity…/are-there-limits-to-multicultural…/

    In the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Jerry Coyne sticks his neck out with a new piece about multiculturalism. The object of his ire is Reza Aslan, the Muslim scholar, who put in a performance at CNN the other day during which he apportioned blame for Wednesday’s violence to France’s ostensibl…
      • Gil Carvalho Reza Aslan is an intolerant apologist for Muslims. With every debate point, he finds something he can accuse Christians of doing worse than Muslims. It’s not about Muslim vs Christian. It’s about good vs evil.
        Nina K Tryggvason well he is a simple minded git and small thinker.
        the abrahamic trilogy is Jewish 1.0 Christian 2.0 Islam 3.0 Mormon 2.5
        most religions of the world do not recruit, you have to be born into them.
        they are a karma personal joourney that lends itself to a live and let live attitude
      • Gil Carvalho You forgot Jehovas Witnesses and 7th Day Adventists.
      • Seriously, how could I possibly resist? Sadly, I did find this in the humour section – and I objected very…
         there are 41,000 denominations of “:christians” alone
      •  I singled out mormon as one that was made in America and established a third testament rather than selling the older 2 testament product
      •  anyone who falls into the Tradition of Abraham is the same religion, different cultural context and then geographic custom applies
      •  the mono theism vs pantheons are all religions
        and the buddist/taosism tradition, while lacking a deity, retains the supernatural force of Chi and is currently best mocked by office feng shui .
    AND in conclusion:

    I think we could end the ISIS threat

    not by dropping bombs

    but threatening to drop used tampons all over the middle east

    wwii had a campaign to save bacon fat for bombs

    I think today’s women would be happy to donate for that cause

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    Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
    Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
    Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
    • Nina K Tryggvason this is wayyyy funnier with the images.
    • huh.. so single driver cars used to ride with Hitler and now they ride with … Arab Oil terrorists….
    • Gil Carvalho We could also resurrect Genghis Khan’s or Alexander’s “join us or die” scorched earth policies. There would be some eager converts among them.
    • Nina K Tryggvason Alexander was a culture spreader, Genghis was a culture destroyer and seed spreader.
    • Gil Carvalho not true they both did both, It was Mongol empire trade with Arabs, Turks and Venetians that brought about the Renaissance. It was inventions like gunpowder, map making, astronomy, medicine, mathematics and ship building in China that spread to the West and took Europe out of the dark ages. Genghis Khan had Muslims, Buddhists, and even some Christians as advisors and ambassadors. Watch the movie “Mongol” when you get the chance. It’s a dramatization, but very compelling story.
    • Nina K Tryggvason Genghis Khan did not built an empire – he extorted wealth from empires or he sacked them. or did both.
    •  he fathered enough children to be an ancestor of a huge percentage of people in the region.
    •  he rode ponies with his raiders and ruled from his saddle.
    •  Empires build roads and public works and are not limited to the personality cult of a given leader.

      moderates and apologetics are the worst form of religion – and they make it possible for the extreme to exist


      Muslim scholars responded quickly to the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which killed 12 and injured 10. Slamming the incident as un-Islamic, scholars express anger to…
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2 Responses to ReligionWatch: Let’s Talk About Reductability…

  1. dykewriter says:

    religion is the appeal to authority that psycho and socio paths have created as their nesting place to prey on people.

    nina tryggvason,
    agoraphobic philosopher


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