Dear Universe: introducing ElvisWorld!


the 1950s current era 

Sputnik is humanity’s technological signifance and the USSR vs USA space race is on.

Elvis the Pelvis launches a public debate about sexuality and racial segregation and the culture wave went around the world.

the beat the beat the beat


USA first to the moon – and soon the earth has spy and communication sattelites and Sky Lab falls out of the sky, Mercury, Appollo the the launch of the Space Shuttles with the protype actually named Enterprise…

Canada was the first nation to have a commercial rather than Government/Military satellite.

2004_-_Aloha_From_Hawaii Elvis Aloha

While The Beatles did perform on the first purely entertainment Satellite broadcast – Elvis was the first One Man Show.

broadcast in 1977 and watched by more people than watched the moon landing in terms of raw ratings.


Claims of how many watched the original live to PanAsia broadcast and the later American/Canada broadcast have become inflated to 1 billion.

There was only 3.5 billion people in the world in 1977 and there were not that many televisions, even averaging 4 viewers per tv.


Whatever the actual numbers is really neither here nor there.

With the eventual re-broadcasts and home sales of various physical media, (read: resales)


certainly, wayyyyy more people have watched the Elvis Aloha and the rehearsal concert than watched the moon landing.


but to my mind, the moon landing is the least of the footage. it was just the get there and pee on it moment really.


Funny to think that modern cell phones are more complex devices than the tin cans those guys put their lives on.

the moon moemnt


while it annoys me greatly that Elvis was left off the nasa gold disc that was sent into space as our well physical handshake


the first ever all around the globe broadcast about our world


was this one:

Elvis a lo ha hawaii sattelite King Elvis


so Elvis himself is deeply embedded in the frequency of the universe

and any future archeologists from our own or other planets


would see that in this modern era – that there are statues of him from childhood to adulthood


all around the world


so not all statues are of warrior-kings



it’s the bards who get all the girls and the glory





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9 Responses to Dear Universe: introducing ElvisWorld!

  1. dykewriter says:

    Currently, we have The International Space Station with only Russia being able to service that orbital run.

    And while China, who had the first Emperor who looked to the sky and said, I am soo going there – has now buzz-probed the moon

    India has become a serious contender buzzing right to Mars and bypassing the moon.

    Europe meanwhile is riding comets and stirring up sexism in the science world.

    casual clothes or social commentary?


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