Society: Class vs Classless

#leavesteave2015 -348

America rejected European nobility in favour of restarting the socio-economic class race with the robber barons.

…so we get Paris Hilton as a result of inbreeding instead of Prince Charles ….

I feel bad for Charles. a whole life spent waiting for his mother to die so he has any relevance. He tells people to understand their station in life, easy to do when you are born at the top.


honestly. royal families of europe – I hear banjos…


America advertised for tired huddle masses so they were already beaten into serfmission.


I think there is nothing funnier than white people complaining about immigrants in the USA and Canada.

the one percent own half


conservatives are okay with inequality – it serves their myth that they are special and more deserving than others

this is why they are the assholes who cause the problem

religion is not compatible with democracy or social equality – the purpose of democracy

Source: Huffington Post. Outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry shrugged off wealth inequality, saying the Bible showed poverty could never be eliminated. “Biblically, the…
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1 Response to Society: Class vs Classless

  1. dykewriter says:

    funny… Elvis didn’t make political statements.. but this goofy movie song

    really nails the world’s problem


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