Why stunts are not science

Recently, there was a tv show plan to have an anaconda swallow a man in a special suit.

The snake was not compliant and the much touted show was, unsurprisingly, an epic fail.


Whatever his special suit, the crushing action of the snake’s digestive system would have crushed him and the metabolic rate would not have allowed escape in any sort of timely manner.


there would be nothing to be gained by this and the so called science channels that mention either ancient aliens or Jesus in any doc that is not about Christianity have gone off the science standard.


not to mention hoax documentaries and presenting cryptozoology as an actual science.


Seriously aren’t we beyond the 15 minute mentality?


Paul Rosollie and the snake that didnt eat him alive, much to the chagrin of some Discovery Channel viewers. Illustrates TVSNAKE (category …

Video: Snakes alive: man eaten by anaconda for TV show …

http://www.telegraph.co.uk › Culture › TV and Radio

Nov 6, 2014 – American wildlife naturalist Paul Rosolie will don a “snake-proof” suit to be swallowed by the world’s biggest snake for the Discovery Channel.

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