Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks

(writer, actor on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada)

So, what is “Black Friday” and what does it mean? I know it’s a big sales day in the states, but I’m not familiar with much of what it means…anyone know?

Female Friend of Joanne It’s when the stores books go out of the red and into the black.
  • Nina Tryggvason it’s american for they day business makes enough to be in the budget black
  • 2nd Female Friend of Joanne  totally crazy here. I did it for years. They have rock bottom prices and people would line up for hours to get in the stores. For example a TV would sell for $200 that is normally $500. It has changed the last few years as they started the sales on Thanksgiving rather then the Friday after so not as many crowds like it was.
    That was yesterday – today I saw this meme.

Joanne Kimm oh. apparently budget ink is not the meaning….

No Black Friday for me....
Brace yourself, America, because the following two facts may cause a rift between our two great countries and even the space-time continuum itself: Canada has its…
  • Gil Carvalho Yes, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, not as a harvest festival, but on Oct 12, anniversary of history’s largest genocide.
  • Nina Tryggvason harvest is sooner in Canada
  • Gil Carvalho and the significance of Oct 12?
    Nina Tryggvason isn’t that an american date for an event?Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October” – not a fixed date at all
    O Canada – Facepalm time
    Canada’s Indian Act was the legislative framework to administrate the concentration camps that we refer to as “reservations”.
    In the 1890s, South Africa sent consultants to Canada and from that meeting, Apartheid in South Africa was born.
    When the attempts at direct genocide failed – warfare through weapons and intentional spread of diseases – the tactic turned to residential schools operated by the major Christian churches to replace the culture and break the generation connection. Culturalcide if you will.
    All institutions run with vulnerable people result in abuse from orphanages to mental institutions, schools for deaf, blind and other disabilities and certainly the Indian Residential Schools.
    The Indian Residential Schools are unique in that they were the only schools with graveyards associated with them.
    As for thanksgiving the story of the food exchange is a pilgrim fantasy that has no play in Canada.

    The National Day of Mourning’s organizers hope to shine a light on modern issues facing Native Americans today, as well as to bring more awareness to the real, horrific story behind Thanksgiving.

    While families all across the US will be indulging over their Thanskgiving Day feasts, hundreds will gather at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth today
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1 Response to Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks

  1. dykewriter says:

    re: black Friday graphic

    George Waye Snopes says no.

    Nina Tryggvason oh. it seems so credible.


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