Something about stingers in tongues or tails…

OTTAWA – Tom Mulcair says two female New Democrat MPs shouldn’t be pushed to lodge formal complaints against two of their Liberal counterparts, no matter…
  • OTTAWA — The Conservatives have announced an…
  • Nina Tryggvason that is the fucking stupidest thing. the complaint has been made, paperwork or not.
  • A victim or a victim agenda? I have to wonder about why people are upset that Justin Trudeau took appropriate…
    OTTAWA – Craig Scott, a New Democrat MP and former law professor, said to the Liberals that what he was told happened to one of his female colleagues could be…
    • Nina Tryggvason then press the claim or do not whine that something was going to be done about it
      Two female NDP MPs who allege improper conduct by a duo of male Liberal MPs will not be formally…
      • Nina Tryggvason and betraaying ll weaker victims by not stnding upa
      • MAN on facebook Or maybe just trumped up band wagon jumpers getting hot underneath that spot light.
      • Nina Tryggvason yes MAN you could be right and it looks that way given how the NDP is trying to make the liberals look bad for taking action
      • I would rather that they didn’t intentionally make a mockery of all of us who have been raped, assaulted, bullied or harassed.
        SECOND MAN on facebook Those are outlandish wild speculations, how about giving the actual victims some breathing space before such judgmental conclusions.

      • THIRD MAN If the NDP are not careful this game may had the next election to the Cons. Harper should be paying them for trashing JT for doing what any honourable man would do. So who is losing here?
        SECOND MAN: There were no policies in place from the outset in parliament for MP’s including the board of internal economy so can hardly see the Cons coming out looking go on this harassment or assaults. The Cons have been running the show their on the Hill for 9 years + prior to that it was the Libs for nearly 2 decades, neither did anything during their watches w.r.t. to these situations, not unsurprisingly. Most public + private sector domains have had strong policies in place on this subject for many years.
      • Nina Tryggvason good point. while the publics service is subject to a code of values and ethics – the only item listed in their code of ethics is about personal financial conflicts.
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