ZPG: Population Matters Globally

it is safer and easier to sterilize the males

  • Gil Carvalho It’s safer not asking a government doctor to surgically neuter 100 women per day.
  • Nina Tryggvason you could safely do that many men though.

    It is not because I am a lesbian that I think that it is safer, easier and more effective to sterilize men than women. It’s biology. (I get the funny tho)
    A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is my fave bit of lit ever – and it remains a truism that fewer males than females are needed in a breeding population.

    This is why it has never made sense to me for societies to send their most healthy fit males in prime breed age off to die for money for other people.
    Anyway, rather than the female infanticide that arises in male favoured cultures like China and India creating a population imbalance or China’s bold attempt at slowing growth with their one child policy.
    It makes more sense to be braver and deal with the whole single mother (with a small number of single fathers) I think the solution to encourage 2 person parenting (at a min, but that’s another post) – is that once a male has reproduced, he gets a snip while the baby is born.
    maybe it will encourage better use of contraceptives and encourage monogamy
    certainly can’t hurt it try it
    regulating women certainly hasn’t worked

    “Abortion is a crucial cornerstone in women’s reproductive health care, not a political tool.”

    Abortion isn’t about fetuses. It’s about women. Time to change the conversation.
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