GMOmes: Science Sounder than the Dollar Pinching Practises

 I guess the problem for me is that I have nothing against the science

My issues are with the corporate capitalist side of GMO.

I woke up this morning to a world gone mad. On the front page of the NY Times Business Section was the headline, ‘FDA Approves Modified Potato. Next up:…

ah the POINT of GMO is to increase the nutrition

so this is not actually something to be surprised or complain about

Gil Carvalho seriously…….

  • Gil Carvalho This new potato is meant to decrease a cancer causing compound caused when frying potatoes.
  • Gil Carvalho Most of the greatest improvements, inventions, and discoveries in the past 100 years have arisen from capitalism and corporate investment.
  • Nina Tryggvason inventors need investment and distribution. the problem is capitalism not letting the market decide and benefiting a minority instead of the masses
    4 hrs ·

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday he raised a full range of concerns with the Chinese in his meetings with the country’s leadership over the past few days.

    “You can rest assured that every single item that is important in the area of consular issues, human rights, governance, the rights of minorities — I have raised every single one of those,” he told the media shortly after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper sat down with China’s president today to discuss a wide range of issues, including human rights.
    • Nina Tryggvason this is the guy who campaigned against rights for queer Canadians, and canceled the Charter Challenge program. he burned the science libraries and opened a Department for Religious Freedom. Religion is INCOMPATIBLE with equality.
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      • Facebook Male Commentor God is the dumbest thing man has created.
      • Nina Tryggvason Yup.

        world mythology from Godchecker – the…

        Princess Anne had planned on being in Ottawa for Remembrance Day long before one Canadian soldier was killed in a shooting at the National War Memorial and another died after a targeted hit-and-run in a Quebec parking lot.

        Now, though, the focus the Princess Royal will place on “everyday heroes,” ranging from aboriginal youth to long-serving police officers, will take on an added poignancy.

        Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, begins a two-day visit in the Ottawa region Monday that includes the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the National…
        • Nina Tryggvason why are we paying VIP for minor nobility. which we are in north America to get away from.
          • Facebook Woman Commentor We came to North America to build a British Empire, not to get away from the monarchy…we moved to Canada to avoid republicanism in the states. long live the Queen!
          • Nina Tryggvason right. it was the Puritans who were kicked out for having too many sticks up their arses.
          • We spend a lot of money Federally and…
             The days of Empires are dead and Canada is now a resource site for China. The days of superpowers USA vs USSR (wannabe) is having their final flame out.
          • Australia and Canada would have been more influential on the world stage as our own nations, like our sibling nation USA. Being part of that empire let us punch above our weight class, but PM Harper has put Canada on the world stage as an aggressor nation now.
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