Sexism 101 – Gamer Gate

A women speaker has cancelled her speech about women and equality in gaming after a man or men threated to shoot participants by invoking the Montreal Massacre of Female Engineering Students.


Predictably, the men do not want to hear about feminism and commentary on forums and news sites is not much more than craven indifference.


Makes me wonder why there are any heterosexual women, never mind the ones who are taking jobs away from men instead of making them sandwiches.


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there is sexism and devaluing of women in all industries, not just gaming


it’s just really disappointing that even in environments were religion is low to negligible, women are still deemed lesser than.


when we stand up for ourselves we are whining or bitches



people  have to nerve to wonder why there is so much under reporting




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7 Responses to Sexism 101 – Gamer Gate

  1. dykewriter says:

    facebook extra:

    a man on facebook: concern for her safety or concerned for non-existent outrage against video games? video games are like movies. there is a story behind most of them and it will have offensive content. Choose not to buy said game and move on. She is putting pressure on video game developers to bend over on her feminist views while shes not even a gamer.

    Nina Tryggvason thanks I have been gaming since Artari 2600 and did paper/dice D&D. it’s not my first time dealing with sexism in the geek community. this is just the first time guns have become a legitimate form of expression.

    I am more concerned that in conversations about these matters, men diminish women’s part of the conversation.

    domestic terrorism…….men need to stop blaming women for not being willing to be targets


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