Litworld: The Potterverse vs Christianity AGAIN


1. This is a perversion of fanfiction and I mean that with the full meaning of fan from genfandom to the slashers


2. Stop making your children socially incompetent and inept to deal with real world reality. Other people exist. They get to.


3. Realize that you are essentially admitting that your beliefs do not bear scrutiny and serve no useful function in the greater world, which is far bigger than what you see from your localized horizon lines.


4. By ghettoizing your children and impairing their ability to cognitively function you are setting them up for an internalized conversation of failure and never being good enough.


learn to work and play well with others


it really doesn’t have to be any harder than what fits on a bumper sticker



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3 Responses to Litworld: The Potterverse vs Christianity AGAIN

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