Athiestworld: Dear Dick Dawkins STFU

Okay. it’s official.


We can not put the majority of the responsibility for social sexism on “religion” when the world’s self proclaimed most rational man does not understand the optics of when to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

More than that is not just Dick, but all the dick wielding defenders of dick in the atheist forums and the community at large.

You cannot say the word elevator as a woman anymore with a man in the know going off his nuts about how overblown that whole thing was.


because is is all about dick and who gets to have one and put it where and when


and men do not like to be told what to do with their dicks or that their dicks are not wanted.


so you’d think that they could appreciated us wanting to have that same control, eh?



but there is hope. there are some men who are heterosexual even who do get it.


Over the last three years on facebook, I have been kicked out of queer equality groups for being an atheist and out of humanist/atheist groups for being an outspoken lesbian


but I have done something that I didn’t think was actually possible

because I never understood misanthropy from quiet this side of it before.


when I shared this extended elevator story of mine

about me going to my trauma counselor and me just standing there silent looking distraught was what threw some poor unsuspecting guy who was trying to get the girl




something about comedy is tragedy plus time..



it all comes down to communication and careful listening

it’s not the lost art of conversation


it’s people respond and reply


they do not consider and reflect



optics prism, something about public opinion


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