BibleWorld: The Earth View

Bible Earth ViewThe geography in the Torah 1.0, The Bible 2.0 and the Quran 3.0 is very limited.


This is why the Book of Mormon, 2.5 corrects this by taking place in America.

The Abrahamic Trilogy is actually all one religion.

Most religions do not contain a heaven or hell (in fact that is missing from book 1.0).

Book Review: Pocket Guide to the Afterlife

The edit history of the book and the number of versions over the centuries is far more enlightening than the text inside.
Consider it like the dead tree internet. A collection of essays, poetry, stories, propaganda and conspiracy stuff, bad health and little to no science, and highly subjective as to it’s cultural relevance.

Most religions of the world lean towards a recycling of life energy through incarnations and staged, often to explain away real life social injustice….


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Gil Carvalho Incorrect. Mt Ararat, where Noah landed the Ark, in Northern Turkey, lies outside. The Queen of Sheba lived in either Yemen or Ethiopia. Sudan and Ethiopia are both mentioned in the Bible. The New Testament, of course, includes references to Rome, Corinth, Greece, etc. The Koran references Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Garden of Eden is thought by many scholars to be located in Iraq. The circle should be about 20 times larger.

Nina Tryggvason okay. a tiny weeny bit bigger. point remains valid even with that adjustment

See also Nina’s Garden/Random Ntrygg

Atheism is to religion as rehab is to addiction

Addiction and Personal Responsibility

Religiously Kinky

Religion: 0 Spirituality: 2

The Queer Thinking of Some Straight People



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