RnR: Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry’s duck walk and guitar put him on the big stage:


Elvis was certainly a fan of Berry’s



Berry’s lyrics changed from a brown man to a brown eyed man… understand?

The Million Dollar Quartet fabled session returned to the song several times, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins also in awe of Berry’s talent




I think that the only Berry song that Elvis officially recorded in the studio was Memphis Tennessee – although Johnny B Goode was a 70s staple song.




Berry recently denied the use of Be Goode to open the Elvis do re-release


rather short sighted, but whatever.


I think creating new versions is over the top and it’s time to just do a basic thing for the public and hardcore editions for the fans


there are no Elvis spoilers, so stop acting like he died in 68 or 73 EPE


even Fat Elvis is slimmer than the average American today, eh?


funny how things cycle round

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