The Reality of Gamering

gamer controls


I don’t think a person with a balanced life or who uses games to sublimate antisocial feelings

it does give me pause however

that many military forces have in fact used video games to de-sensitize soldiers

so yes, it is possible.

under the right circumstances and conditions – but more importantly




I played Pong, Atari 2600 & 7800, Nintendo’s first machine and I have a playstation 3 move console. Computer games on the computer.


I started with Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition but only up to 2nd AD&D, also The StoryTeller Vampires and other supes version 1 and Deadlands first edition.


Settlers of Catan, Talisman and other non-mainstream board games



because playing games is actually a social activity



so if you work and play well with others, you can construct whole worlds


it’s only when gaming is about war training or peacetime mickiing


that games are used for bad purposes



blame the intention and the outcome


not the method

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3 Responses to The Reality of Gamering

  1. dykewriter says:

    Jason BullFighter Hubbard It’s a ‘gateway’ activity (like prescriptions are ‘gateway’ drugs)

    Nina K Tryggvason everything in moderation, other than excessive moderation, eh?


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