Pubic v Private: Scope of reputation

Dear Glen Beck




Being a public figure does not mean people can say what they want about said person.

Nor does being one mean that one gets to say what one wants.


Free speech is not limited to first speech, nor is it consequence free.

There are also reasonable limits to free speech, which include not causing harm.


Just as one cannot scream “Fire” in a crowd unless there is one, one may not libel or slander other people with falsehood to lower their reputation or impune their character.

this is what libel and slander laws mean in fact


In fact, diminishing someone’s reputation when it is public is a bigger loss. It is a measure of the scope of the damage, not a mitigating factor.


and hey, here’s a thought. Not everyone is a media whore seeking their 15 mins or longer fame.


someone who was not a public figure being turned into one because they were bullied by a public figure; seriously, how is he considered a socially capable or credible adult?

After all, this was the problem in Canada when our former PM Brian Mulrooney sued the RCMP for slander.

there was nothing that could be said about him to lower his reputation. he put it into tatters and he left office with the lowest approval rating and took out a long standing party with him.


and, as it turns out, the allegations made against him were correct and Canada never got back that money.




I have no idea who was spoken about by Mr Beck, but I do know, as long as Mr. Beck is focused on his right to say what he wants. Mr Beck is incapable of listening to anyone or understanding the impact of his words n anyone



why do bullies always get away with claiming to be the victim?

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